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Mullion Piano Studio Teaching Space

Piano - Theory - Composition 

I offer lessons either in person or online for those further away. Recent global events have led to my working more online for the present, via the well known video-communication platforms available. Working in this way is different, but there are also benefits and enhancements to learning as well.


Theory is offered either formally up to ABRSM Grade 8, or informally to enhance understanding, composing, sight-reading and general appreciation!

I can also help with music A Level and university entrance preparation (portfolios etc.).


For those wanting to explore the art of creating their own music for whatever purpose, I can offer a tailored approach (within reason!) to techniques historical and current, building blocks, scoring, orchestration and handling instruments, to wider artistic/aesthetic questions and the development of an individual artistic 'voice'.


I also offer tuition on how to use Sibelius notation software. 

I also offer advice for those seeking insights into working as a composer.



Piano tuition is offered for complete beginners to the equivalent of roughly post ABRSM Grade 8.

I am very happy teaching in whatever style you are interested in, either structured through exams or freely exploring, or somewhere in between! You may have a favourite composer or piece or song that you have always wanted to play, or an event you want to work towards, or you might need piano as a second instrument if you are a music student, or you have decided to make the piano a central  focus. It is up to you!

Lessons are available as either half hour, 45 minute, hour or 2 hour sessions.


People often ask if they have to go and buy an expensive piano to learn on. The answer is no you don’t. There are many perfectly acceptable, and some absolutely fantastic, electronic keyboards and digital pianos available. Even a cheap keyboard can get you started.


Before you decide to go ahead with lessons, it’s normally a good idea to have an initial session to chat in more detail about what you want to do and whether I can help, so please feel free to make contact via the contact page to arrange this.

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